Monday, September 19, 2016

My Home and Culture

I have lived in Humboldt County my whole life and I can not image living anywhere else. Humboldt is a beautiful place to live. I love living so close to the ocean, and in the middle of the Redwood forest. I really enjoy living in such a small town because I know so many of the people here. Our high school is relatively small compared to high schools in highly populated towns, so I know lots of the kids at our school. Our community sponsors and puts on lots of fun activities for everyone to participate in. Throughout the year we have different events such as apple harvest, which is centered around a local business, Clendeden's Cider Works, AutoExop, Rodeo week and many more.  My favorite event is Rodeo. I like watching the rodeo and going to the carnival with my friends. We live in a very strong and supporting community. The businesses and people in Fortuna always support each other and make living here very enjoyable.

If I could change anything about where I live I would like to change the stereotypes people have about many people who live in Humboldt. Many people who haven't been to Humboldt, particularity Fortuna, have an assumption that everyone here grows Marijuana to make money. Yes, Humboldt is known for its cannabis, but most of our population is not involved with it and have other steady jobs and sources of income. I have been living in Fortuna, CA for 15 years now and have seen the transition between our county attracting people for the beautiful redwoods to Humboldt attracting people for Marijuana. Many people from out of the area assume that the best from income here to is grow cannabis, but there are thousands of people who counter those expectations. I wish that people would stop thinking of me and other individuals as cannabis growers simply because of where we were born and raised. Every town, city, county, and country will have stereotypes against, but I think we should try to make them positive, not just in Fortuna but everywhere. I think that as time goes by, we are going to alter the stereotype and I hope our county can take back its beautiful reputation and not have illegal drugs attached to it.

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